i wanted to just quote a section but couldn’t pick my favorite because THIS SONG IS SO FUCKING GOOD

"Sweet summer night and I’m stripped to my sheets
Foreman is leaking; my AC squeaks
And a voice from the clock says “You’re not gonna get tired”
My bed is a pool and the wall’s on fire
Soak my head in the sink for a while
It chills my neck and it makes me smile
But my bones gotta move and my skin’s gotta breathe
You pick up the phone and I’m so relieved

You slide down the stairs to the eager street
And the sun is left with slippery feet
And I want to walk around with you 

(And be here with you)

It doesn’t really matter, I’ll go where you feel
Home for the breeze, get a midnight meal
I’ll point in the windows, you point out the parks
Rip off your sleeves and I’ll ditch my socks
Dance to the songs from the cars as they pass
Weave through the cardboard, smell that trash
Walkin’ around in our summertime clothes
Know where to go where our bodies go

And we’ll breath the dawn in its morning blues
With purple yawns, you’ll be sleeping soon
And I want to walk around with you 

When the sun goes down we’ll go out again! 

Don’t cool off
I like your warmth

Let’s leave the sound of the heat for the sound of the rain
It’s easy to sleep when it wets my brain
It covers my rest with a saccharine sheen
Kissing the wind through my window screen
But restless is causeless and I cannot hide
So much of my mind that it spills outside
Do you wanna go stroll down a financial street?
Our clothes might get soaked
But the buildings sleep

And there’s no one pushing for a place
As we enter at an easy pace
And I want to walk around with you 
I want to walk around with you 

Just you, just you, just you, just you”

-Animal Collective, Summertime Clothes

MOTHERFUCK. this gets me every time. this is summer. everything about this just…sgdjklfdkddf. i can’t even use words. it speaks to everything wrong with me, my insomnia and my ADD and my anxiety and my obsessiveness and restlessness and weird habits, and it makes them all sound beautiful. there is just so much right with this song

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